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Viktor, Vodka and Raw Fish Video
This wonderful documentary of John Proctor's crossing of the USSR in his Cessna 185, is both an inspiration and wonder of a man's will and skill, as we witness some harrowing moments and extraordinary flying with John's good friend, the famous Russian pilot, Viktor Smolin. Get the Book, Viktor, Vodka and Raw Fish for even more details of the adventures and stories! VHS Tape 90 min.

Viktor, Vodka and Raw Fish
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See John Proctor's other aviation adventures in his "Boat in the Sky!"

USAF 50th Anniversary
From the birth of aviation, through two world wars, to the breaking of the sound barrier and on into space... The history of the USAF (United States Air Force) has been a sweeping saga of challenges met. See the Golden Tattoo Air Show, a week-long tribute to those men and machines that built the greatest air force the world has ever known. Includes footage of classic USAF aircraft and performances by international jet teams. 45 min.VHS Tape.

  USAF 50th Anniversary Video
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Flying the B-17 and Preflight of the B-17 Videos
These are the video journals of the B-17G restored called the "Aluminum Overcast". The video covers the history of  B-17 during World War II up to its restoration project and current use as a flying historic museum and source of aviation education. The Preflight takes you through the entire military preflight operations! VHS Tape. Be sure to read the Reviews!
Flying the B-17 Video
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The Preflight of the B-17 Video
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B17 Review Link
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Aerocar: Giving the Automobile Its Wings
Produced in cooperation with designer/inventor Moulton B. "Molt" Taylor, this video features rare test flight footage, interviews, scale models, drawings, significant photographs and press clippings of all four models of the AEROCAR - the "roadable" airplane. (Click here to see the article featured in one of StrangeBirds.com's What's Up Newsletters!)

Molt Taylor's Aerocar Video
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videos_voyager.jpg (3606 bytes) Building of the Voyager
Story of the design, building and testing of the Voyager.  Not a recounting of the flight, but a detailed look at one of the great aeronautical achievements of all time.  Interviews with Burt Rutan, Dick Rutan, Jeana Yeager and Bruce Evans.
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Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress
This film is a war documentary produced by one of the "Hollywood Colonels," William Wyler, who joined the Air Force Film unit and recorded the sights and sounds of the last mission of a B-17 bomber known as the Memphis Belle, named after the girlfriend of the pilot. A narrator told the story of the 10 crewmen as examples of simple average American boys doing a tough job. The men and plane were filmed during the bombing raid on the submarine base in Wilhelmshafen, Germany, "just one mission of just one plane and one crew in one squadron in one group of one wing of one Air Force out of fifteen United States Army Air Forces." Wyler in fact combined footage from several missions to represent this last 25th mission of the plane, a mission that was actually a milk run with no casualties and no difficult landing. From October 1943 to March 1944, Wyler edited in the U.S. the 20,000 feet of film he shot in Europe, producing a 42-minute color film that was considered beautiful and dramatic. VHS Tape

Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress
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videos_keepem.jpg (5249 bytes) Keep 'Em Flying Warbird Show
In this special edition of EAA's Ultimate Flights journey to EAA Fly-In for the largest annual gathering of warbird in the world. See dozens of the finest warbirds in existence and some so rare that less than a dozen examples still fly.  Witness them in their natural environment - in the air where they belong.  Listen for the roar of the radial engines, feel the rumble along the flightline, and smell the oil and gas in the air. Warbirds of America makes this hour long special, which is dedicated to the preservation of all vintage military aircraft and as a flying tribute to an important era. VHS Tape (60 min)

Keep 'em flying Warbird Air Show
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