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Flying Boats DVD Set

5 1/2 hours Documentary of Flying Boat and Seaplane History to current day! The Complete Series on 3 Video Tapes or DVD's

Restoration Book Cover

The Restoration: N-3PB Seaplane from Iceland

 Filled with historic photos, documents and detailed compilations of the most unique seaplane of its time...  restoration from physical to the transcendental based on an actual World War II airplane (Northrop's  N-3PB), its complete history, use, loss and ultimate rediscovery and restoration by former WWII pilot and Northrop retired manager, David J. Bean.

Book,  The Restoration

Quotient Club
by Hilary Jay

Since life is often stranger than fiction, this fiction will have you guessing how fictional it really is! Filled with aviation junkies details about the world of "fractional aircraft owndership", it weaves a winding webs of intrigue into mysterious deaths, a sexy newspaper journalist writing about the "rich and their toys" with inferences of Mafia involvement and greedy corporate moguls. Ironically, this was written before the events of the last few years... but it almost has a prophetic outcome!

Soft cover, illustrated, indexed, 239 Pages

Book, The Quotient Club

Every day, we are reminded of the importance of preserving the freedom of flight. Not only as a tool of transportation and the ultimate means of higher education, but  just as much for fun. Flying brings joy and a full life for those who share this passion for all things that strange-ly enough, fly like birds!

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